Our Story

Our family which has been producing apricot for half a century in Malatya has set out with a small business family and a little capital in 1988 to undertake the production of apricot kernel which increased in parallel with rising apricot production in Malatya in the last quarter of the 20th century. At that time, the total apricot production in Malatya was 30.000 tons, and the production for apricot kernel was 1,500 tons.

In 1995, our company which combines the apricot kernel with modern technology and made the first step to serial 
manufacture realized its production on a new 2000 square meter open area and a 1000 square meter closed area production facility.

Our company which was the leader in the domestic market in 2001, has also taken its place in the international market after starting exportation.

By starting construction of a new production facility in 2005, it has taken a big step in leadership in the sector as a business firm of Turkey, and the world's largest apricot kernel business with 40.000 square meters of open area and 10.000 square meters of closed area construction.

Our company carried out exports in 20 countries in 2009 and started to make a name for itself.
It has become the leading processor of the industry in 2012 by carrying out 6,000 tons of kernel and 25,000 tons of shelled production.

Our production has been supported by HACCP, ISO, HALAL and Kosher certificates by taking steps on the subjects of quality management and hygiene in 2014.

Today, it has become one of the leading producers of apricot kernel in our country, and in the world, with 40.000 square meters open area and 10.000 square meters closed area production facility, 30,000 tons of apricot kernel processing capacity per year and exports to 25 countries. Our passion continues with apricot kernel, as well as dried apricot, almond, walnut, gallnut and other products.